9 Positive Reasons to Home Educate


Let’s face it, making the decision to home educate can feel incredibly daunting, so I thought I’d pop together a list of 9 positive reasons to home educate. I wanted my first post on this subject to be a positive one, so let’s get started…


9 Positive Reasons to Home Educate

I remember when my feet wouldn’t move on that Monday morning in October. I told the children to get changed, I wasn’t sending them back to school. I was scared, of course, but the biggest feeling I felt was elation. I was doing the right thing for our children, and that’s pretty special…

Obviously a lot of the reasons we removed them from school are negative ones, but there’s always the opportunity to flip it around and think about the positive reasons too!




When it comes to making friends, school isn’t usually the place to spend time getting to know people. We’re told that school is a place to socialise, but the reality is that we’re told not to talk in class, we’re told to concentrate on work, we’re not encouraged to build strong bonds or spend time conversing.

Home education is a place full of socialisation, and the bonus is that you can socialise with different age ranges as well as interact more freely with adults. George absolutely loves talking to grown-ups about various subjects (mostly zombies!), and these conversations just wouldn’t happen if he was in school!

So making friends (of all ages) and getting the chance to spend long amounts of time with these friends is a massive bonus when it comes to home education.



2. Play

Play is such a fundamentally important part of learning, no matter your age. Home education comes with so much play, from long adventurous walks in the wood to  spending time sprawled on the floor with mini figures to playing with Lego, it’s a none stop play-time adventure.

I recently read a report about the skill companies need most in 2019, and top of the list is creativity. I mean, if there’s any other reason to let your kid play and explore, surely this is a good one?!

Creativity and imagination is so key, and home education allows it to flourish…


3. Freedom

When you home educate you’re not tied to schedules or term times, you can go on adventures, go on holiday, learn at any time of day without the pressure of time constraints or tests. It’s a wonderful life, with the world at your doorstep and the freedom you feel is euphoric.

We love the fact that we can have nights out at the theatre without worrying about rushing to school the next day, or we can go camping last minute during the week. Every day is a new and inspiring adventure!


4. Adventure

As I’ve already mentioned, freedom tends to lead to adventure. What’s great about home education is the fact that we get to take this adventure together as a family. It’s such a joy to wake up to the world together, to go on adventures and explore all the wonderful and inspiring things that life has to offer.

Sometimes we have impromptu camping trips or days out, something that would be very limited without our lifestyle. We love it 🙂


5. Autonomy

George and Molly have the chance to be in charge of their own lives in terms of the things they learn and spend time doing. George is heavily into Titanic, Minecraft, zombies, Youtube, writing stories and stop motion whilst Molly loves to play with a whole host of toys, draw pictures, painting, Minecraft, crafting and they both love movies, exploring music and having outdoorsy adventures.

Home education allows them to explore these things more fully, and in their own time. They also get to choose what they wear, from head to toe, a great way to encourage expression from a young age!

As well as this, there’s also body autonomy. Without the pressure of haircuts or looking a certain way, home educated children can explore their own likes/dislikes as well as having more scope to say ‘No’ when it comes to personal boundaries.


6. Money Saving

No more schools uniforms to buy means there’s extra cash for days out and classes. No more replacing shoes each month, home ed kids live in wellies! Don’t forget all those little extras such as PTA events, day trips, entertainment and more, you can use that money for more appropriate activities for your child.


7. Fun

Home education brings about so much fun, it’s unbelievable. The joy on our faces as each day brings more fun into our lives, it’s priceless. From daily chores to day trips, every experience has the chance to be fun, it’s what you make of it!


8. Outdoors

Being outdoors is one of the greatest things about home education. You can explore, learn and experience all sorts of sensory and educational moments. We love walking and exploring, taking in the world around us, but the bonus is doing it together.


9. No pressure

Home education lifts the pressure to behave or be a certain way. You don’t have to dress a certain way, you don’t have to be up and dressed by 7.30am, you don’t have to do homework. Those pressures are lifted so you can actually enjoy education through daily life and rituals…

There’s a sense of a seamless life, without breaks from one day to the next, a beautiful ebb and flow from day to day. It’s a really beautiful part of home education!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our 9 Positive Reasons to Home Educate, and if you can think of more please post them in the comments below!



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  1. This is a lovely post. So many people start home education for negative reasons but it is actually a really positive choice for many reasons.

    1. Aw thanks Jade! Yes, I agree! There are so many good reasons to make the decision, although ours began as bad ones in all honesty, mostly safeguarding from the staff at the school 🙁

    1. Aw thank you. We love home education, it really suits us. I do believe you have to do what’s right for your kids and your family, and ours just don’t fit the system. Not that I’d ever stop them from going if they choose to in the future 🙂

    1. Totally agree! Life skills are the best, especially when they go out into the wide world without us… *sob*

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